Chemical and oil tankers are often equipped with an auxiliary propulsion system. In case of main diesel engine failure the vessel is able to carry on its journey with reduced speed and to keep its manoeuvrability. An electrical reversible machine is installed at the main gearbox, which is used during normal operation (PTO = Power Take Out) as a generator and supplies the electrical system on board with power. If necessary the generator can be used as a motor (PTH = Power Take Home) driving the main propeller. During PTH operation the motor is provided with power from auxiliary generators.

The autotrans which is integrated in the PTO-PTH starter reduces the inrush current of the reversible machine to rated current until the rated speed has been reached. An overload of the smaller auxiliary generators during start is avoided. The PLC of the PTO-PTH starter coordinates not only the inrush current monitoring but also the interlocking of all circuit breakers, the control of initial excitation, the main excitation and the release of the coupling between reversible machine and propeller.

 Power Range: 250-7500KW

Rated Voltage: 380-12000V