Forklift batteries sometimes called Industrial Batteries, Traction Batteries or Stationery Batteries. They are used where power is needed over a longer period of time, and are designed to be “deep cycled”, or discharged down as low as 20% of full charge (80% DOD, or Depth of Discharge).

They are deep cycle batteries because they have much thicker plates than automotive batteries and therefore minimize battery failure arising from positive grid corrosion. This guarantees a lengthy life for the batteries.

Most industrial (fork lift) deep-cycle batteries use Lead-Antimony plates rather than the Lead-Calcium used in AGM or gelled deep-cycle batteries and in automotive starting batteries. The Antimony increases plate life and strength, but increases gassing and water loss. This is why most industrial batteries have to be checked often for water level if you do not have Hydrocaps.

They are available in BS and DIN range from 58Ah to 841 Ah in BS and 120Ah to 1400Ah in DIN. Available in both British and Continental standards,they can fit  into all the makes of forklifts.