Solar Gel Range of valve regulated, gelled electrolyte monobloc is designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable.

Capacity18AH-240AH @ 20 hr. rate to 1.75 volts per cell @ 20°C 
Life Timemaximum service float life - 12 years design life @20°C
Ideal Operating Temperature Range+20°C to +35°C 
Floating Charging Voltage13.5 to 13.8 VDC/unit Average at 25°C 
Equalization and Cycle Service Charging Voltage14.1 to 14.4 VDC/unit Average at 25°C 
Self DischargeSolar Gel Range VRLA batteries may be stored for up to 24 months at 20°C and then a freshening charge is required. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.
Terminal Threaded copper alloy insert terminal.